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In which chapter in rihan shown as a baby being carried around by his father?

here! i think this is it. im not good at remembering chapters. 

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Which chapter does Rihan,young Nurarihyon and Rikuo meet?

haha sorry to tell you, but there is no such chapter of that meet.

the anime producers just put it in the anime for the hell of it. 

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Which chapter when Yura used her 'God Arrow'?

Chapter 198: Rikuo & Yura

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How to erase the curse from hagoromo gitsune?

what? i don’t know….i don’t think that has been said to break the curse from Hago-Gitsu.

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Who's the fourth generation might be?

might be? sorry. i have no information on that. 

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in what chapter tells about rihan when he was young


sorry i honestly can’t remember… wait when he was young? like, child!Rihan? Umm its in an extra chapter and in a novel. sorry i don’t have the link to it, you could go through the nurarihyon no mago tag and look for it. or go ask ‘needmoarnura’ for it~ 

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Rihan’s so lucky~

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